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The interactive form of the currency calculator ensures navigation in the actual quotations of world currencies according to “Open Exchange Rates” and displays the information in a graph. The online converter will clarify the ratio between different currencies. Comprehensive information about the SEK BRL (Swedish Krona vs. Brazil Real). You will find more information by going to one of the sections on this page such as historical data, charts, converter Find the latest BRL/SEK (BRLSEK=X) currency exchange rate, plus historical data, charts, relevant news and more Today’s Azimo exchange rate for sending money from SEK to BRL is 0.6418 with a kr 50 fee. Based on the Exchange Rate IQ calculations it offers 6.45% less than the best value for your money transfer.

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Exchange Rate by DigitalCoinPrice.com Instant free online tool for BRL to SEK conversion or vice versa. The BRL [Brazilian Real] to SEK [Swedish Krona] conversion table and conversion steps are also listed. Also, explore tools to convert BRL or SEK to other currency units or learn more about currency conversions. Get instant access to a free live streaming USD SEK chart. This unique US Dollar Swedish Krona chart enables you to clearly notice the behavior of this pair. 2021-04-24 433 SEK to BRL conversion aim to maintain real-time information on current market or bank exchange rates, so that the calculated result changes whenever the value of either of the component 433 Swedish Krona to Brazilian Real do.

Crosskurser Sveriges Riksbank - Riksbanken

We used 1.517451 International Currency Exchange Rate. For the month (30 days) Date Day of the week 1 BRL to SEK Changes Changes % April 7, 2021: Wednesday: 1 BRL = 1.54 SEK +0.08 SEK +5.17%: March 8, 2021: Monday Se växelkurs och valutakursernas förändring i en överskådlig graf för att få en uppfattning om hur valutan ändrats långsiktigt. The European Central Bank (ECB) is the central bank of the 19 European Union countries which have adopted the euro.

Sek vs brl

Valutakurser – Avista överföringar SEB

Sek vs brl

Den svenska kronan är valutan i Sverige (SE, SWE). Den svenska kronan är också känd som Kronor. Symbolen för HUF kan skrivas Ft. Symbolen för SEK kan skrivas kr, Sk, och Skr. Den svenska kronan är uppdelad i 100 ore. 2021-04-23 · 1.795 1.820 1.845 1.870 1.895 1.920 Dec 25 Jan 09 Jan 24 Feb 08 Feb 23 Mar 10 Mar 25 Apr 09 120-day exchange rate history for SEK to EGP Quick Conversions from Swedish Krona to Egyptian Pound : 1 SEK = 1.87273 EGP For the month (30 days) Date Day of the week 1 BRL to SEK Changes Changes % April 7, 2021: Wednesday: 1 BRL = 1.54 SEK +0.08 SEK +5.17%: March 8, 2021: Monday 2021-04-24 · This is the Swedish Krona (SEK) to US Dollar (USD) exchange rate history summary page, detailing 180 days of SEK USD historical data from Monday 26/10/2020 to Thursday 22/04/2021 Highest: 0.12258 2021-04-20 · 1.346 1.353 1.360 1.368 1.375 1.382 Dec 21 Jan 05 Jan 20 Feb 04 Feb 19 Mar 06 Mar 21 Apr 05 120-day exchange rate history for DKK to SEK Quick Conversions from Danish Krone to Swedish Krona : 1 DKK = 1.36337 SEK 2021-04-23 · 0.531 0.544 0.558 0.571 0.584 0.598 Dec 24 Jan 07 Jan 22 Feb 06 Feb 21 Mar 08 Mar 23 Apr 07 120-day exchange rate history for ZAR to SEK Quick Conversions from South African Rand to Swedish Krona : 1 ZAR = 0.58905 SEK Current exchange rate EURO (EUR) to SWEDISH KRONA (SEK) including currency converter, buying & selling rate and historical conversion chart. 2021-04-23 · Get the latest market information about the USD/SEK pair including USD SEK Live Rate, News, US Dollar and Swedish Krona Forecast and Analysis.

Sek vs brl

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Sek vs brl

1.5293-0.0042 (-0.27%). As of April 8 11:27AM BST. Market open. Convert 500 SEK to BRL (Brazilian real) with the help of online converter Ex-Rate .com – how much it will be according to the latest exchange rate. Online  Convert 1 Brazilian Real to Swedish Krona or how much is 1 BRL in SEK with currency history chart BRL vs SEK and international currency exchange rates  See both the current exchange rate for Brazilian real (BRL) and the currency's historical development over time against the Swedish Krona. You can choose  The currency calculator will convert exchange rate of Swedish Krona (SEK) to Frequently used Swedish krona coins are in denominations of 1 kr, 5 kr, 10 kr.

Convert 1,000 BRL to SEK with the Wise Currency Converter. Analyze historical currency charts or live Brazilian Real / Brazilian Real rates and get free rate alerts directly to your email. See the live Bitcoin to Swedish Krona exchange rate.
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SEKBRL Exchange SEK to BRL - Exchange rate

Convert Brazilian Real to Swedish Krona with flexible currency converter, also check Brazilian Real to Swedish Krona exchange rate which is changing every second and may be impacted of everyday political or economic life.BRL to SEK currency pair can change anytime and may be difficult to predict the future. SEK BRL taxas de 10/03/2021: Tuesday 9 March 2021: 1 SEK = 0.6828 BRL: SEK BRL taxas de 09/03/2021: Monday 8 March 2021: 1 SEK = 0.685 BRL: SEK BRL taxas de 08/03/2021: Sunday 7 March 2021: 1 SEK = 0.6679 BRL: SEK BRL taxas de 07/03/2021: Saturday 6 March 2021: 1 SEK = 0.6671 BRL: SEK BRL taxas de 06/03/2021: Friday 5 March 2021: 1 SEK = 0.6671 BRL 10 SEK till BRL: 6.5441 20 SEK till BRL: 13.0881 25 SEK till BRL: 16.3601 30 SEK till BRL: 19.6322 40 SEK till BRL: 26.1762 50 SEK till BRL: 32.7203 60 SEK till BRL: 39.2643 70 SEK till BRL: 49.0804 80 SEK till BRL: 52.3524 90 SEK till BRL: 58.8965 100 SEK till BRL: 65.4405 BRL Electronics har sedan 1997 försett sina kunder med marknadsledande ljud- och bild-produkter till både hem och bil.